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  • Minkles are animal shaped blankies made out of minky with taggies on their toes
  • Spitties are oversized burp cloths
  • Coordinating fabrics on the minkles and spitties
  • Made in the USA

An awesome new product for anyone who has a baby, is expecting a baby, or knows someone with a baby!  Good luck choosing just one!







Every baby is unique and every mother’s taste is different, so we make an effort to create a minkle or spittie for everyone!  We have an ever-changing selection of fabrics!  You can choose from over 45 different MINKLE patterns--and from their colors and fabrics!  They are approx 20" X 24".


double-layer.pngOur spitties are larger than any other burp-cloth we have seen. They measure 22” x 13”, are double-layered, ultra absorbent, and are made from high-quality flannel.  We use fun fabrics, the front and back are coordinating, and we embroider the edge with a variety of stitching and different colors of thread.

MINKLES and SPITTIES can be personalized!


ATTENTION PHYSICIANS!! A spittie makes a great gift by itself or as an addition to a gift basket.  We have doctors who buy spitties for their new mothers.  Each time a new batch of spitties is delivered to an office, the office staff digs through them to “ooh” and “ahh” over the latest selection of patterns.  They love watching a new mother try to pick just one!   This is a practical, useful, and affordable gift!



As a mom of 8 children, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on what babies like!  When our financial situation took a down-turn a couple of years ago, I decided that perhaps I could make a business selling spit up rags. I had some success with spitties, and still have them in a couple of doctors offices.  In 2012 I came across the MINKLES idea!!  I immediatley fell in love and decided to give them a go!  I made about 15, put them on my facebook page and BOOM they sold!  I now spend TONS of my time making minkles!


Heidi Belnap