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Minkles – The Perfect Gift for Your Little One!

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Scratching your head on what to get your little one for Christmas? A Minkle is the perfect gift! Minkles are animal shaped taggie blankets made of cuddly soft minkie. A Minkle will be your baby’s best friend for years to come. In fact, good luck separating your toddler from his life-long snuggle-buddy, even if only just long enough to wash his best friend! A Minkle is the perfect size to go everywhere with your little girl – whether draped over her very first car seat on the way home from the hospital or perched in the basket for her very first training-wheel bike ride! Your little one’s Minkle is machine washable and not stuffed, so it won’t get frumpy. A Minkle is a must for your baby or toddler!

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At Spitties4Kiddies we create homemade, handcrafted, animal shaped taggie blankets, stitched out of love for your little ones. If you have a baby, are expecting a baby, or know someone with a baby, our vast collection of these soft, cuddly Minkles is perfect for you!

Add a smile to your little one’s face by choosing from our unique range of products today! To place your Minkle order, put your favorite design in the cart and have it shipped to your doorstep. Good luck settling on just one!

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