Back to school!

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My summer went WAY to fast! We spent the first part of the summer helping my brother renovate a 100+ year old building.  He did all of the design work and turned it into a beautiful hotel!  We helped paint, sand floors, varnish, install cabinets....all kinds of stuff!  It is called T

he Harkness Hotel and you can see photos on facebook, trip advisor and on their website.  It is an amazing luxury hotel!  

Six of my children started school yesterday!  I have a senior, sophomore, 8th, 5th, 3rd and 1st grader.  My oldest is working full time and will be leaving in one week to serve a mission for the LDS church in Utica, New York!  That leaves me and my youngest, who will go to kindergarten next year.  He wore a back pack around ALL day yesterday and missed the kids terribly!  I was recently asked to coach the 8th grade volleyball team, and the only time I could fit in a practice was at 6 in the morning.  Thus I didn't get any back to school photos.  However my oldest 2 daughters are on the varsity volleyball team and are helping me in the morning.  So the photo I'm sharing is the only one I got--as I dropped them off at the locker room to get ready for their day!

I really love that I can clean my house in the morning after my kids leave--and it stays clean!!  I work best in a clean environment!  However I love having my kids around even more!  

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