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A little bit about me!!  And why Spitties4Kiddies!  I am a mom of 8 children- 4 boys, 4 girls!  Ages 18-4!  A few years back my husband was underemployed and we were struggling somewhat.  When I considered getting a job I figured that I would pay more in daycare that what I could make.  Plus, I wanted to take care of and be with my children!  So my brain went to work.  For years I had made burp cloths and crochet the edges.  I gave them away to family and friends.  They always loved them and loved the bigger size (something that came because of my 8 kids!).  So I set out to sell them--thus the name Spitties4Kiddies!  I tried to contact doctors that delivered the babies and the doctors that cared for them after birth.  What better gift could they give to a new mom?  With all of my children I'd been given a little t-shirt that said something like "I was delivered by Dr. ...."  Never used a one of them!  Plus my SPITTIES (as we call them) were slightly cheaper than those t-shirts!  I stuggled with this, as it was difficult to get into doctors, many of their office managers shut the door very quickly!  However I did get into some and I still have a handful that order spitties for their patients!  As this didn't really help out a ton with our income problem, my mind continued to work! 

I have a sister that was living in Phoenix and decided I needed a vacation!  My husband had been gone working in New Mexico for 4-5 months and I had held down the fort!  Just a week after he returned home he became very ill and was diagnosed with viral meningitis.  And was down for a couple of months!  However, do moms of 8 just up and take a week long vacation by themselves?  I hummed and hawed and she convinced me to go!  My next dilemma was, what was I going to do in Phoenix by myself?  My sister and brother in law would be at work during the day, and I wasn't about to go exploring by myself!  One day leading up to my departure I was in Joanns.  I this pattern jumped out at me!  Cute little animal shaped blankies!  Super cute!!  So I bought the pattern and decided that I would explore this while in Phoenix.  I could lay out the patterns--no kids to mess them up.  And see if I thought I could make them and sell them!

Shortly after my arrival I had my sister take me to a fabric store.  I bought fabric and ribbon, then got to work!  I came home from that trip with 17 completed minkles!  And shipped a box home of others that I'd cut out.  I threw them up on my facebook page....and they SOLD!!!  It was awesome!  Thus the minkle was born!

Every little person needs a minkle!  They are animal shaped blankies made out of minky fabric with taggies on their toes!  Great sensory toys!  Awesome animal lovie and cuddle buddies!

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