Hi! I'm Heidi

We are the Belnap's!  My husband Jerry, and I have 8 kids scattered in the above picture.  From oldest to youngest: Kayden, Maycee, Rylee, Lyndee, Bryson, Paxton, Tayzlee, and Jaxon.  We've had 3 "out-laws" (as they affectionately call themselves) join our family over the last few years.  Rachle is married to Kayden, Ben to Maycee and Kiger to Rylee. We just welcomed our first two grandbabies. 

Mama Minkle is becoming Granny Minkle!

The Minkle Farm started out as "Spitties4Kiddies".  All you mama's know the struggle of scrubbing spit-up out of your clothes... hair... everything!  I could never find a burp-cloth big enough to cover my entire shoulder; so, I made my own.  Spitties are oversized, cute, and affordable burp cloths- each handmade with love.  They are the product that started us on our journey- and they are featured on this site!

I kept creating.  Just ask my family- I bounce from creation to creation and love it.  I started with 5 basic patterns at a craft store- and from those original 5, I have developed 50 more!  The Minkle was born!  These soft critters are made with Minky fabric, flannel tummies, and little ribbon taggies for fingers and toes. 


Is your own child, or the child of someone you know, incredibly attached to a stuffed animal or baby blanket?  Minkles are a mix between the two.  They have the features of a stuffed animal but are stuffing free and flat like a blanket.  However, they're not as big as a blanket, making it easier for your babies to carry them around.  And if they do get dirty, no worries!  Minkles are machine washable- and they won't come out disfigured like a toy animal with its stuffing rearranged.


I'm a creator.  I really enjoy my time behind a sewing machine or with a crochet hook in my hand.  We're excited for you to join our community!  We love to see pictures of your littles with their new Minkle- please share them with us by using our contact page, messaging me on Facebook (Spitties4Kiddies), or emailing them to heidi@spitties4kiddies.com!