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The following are some comments from satisfied customers:

"My son is very shy in new places so when he started daycare he got upset.  So I gave him a minkle and he packed it around and it helped him.  He wouldn't stay at daycare with out it."  Nicole G

"My son loves his!!  He is very tactile and always needs something soft to rub or hold on to.  Your minkles are perfect for him!  Very calming and soothing!!  His minkle provided much needed comfort during his recent hospital stay.  The soft fabric also has helped him focus while in school, he rubs the fabric stimulating the 'sensory seeking' part of his brain therefore the 'listening' part of the brain can better focus.  And thank you so much for your wonderful product!!"  Carrie G

Its the perfect size.  I like that my babes can carry it around and take it with us and not have to worry about a bulky big blanket getting dragged around.  We love how soft it is!"  Paige R.

"I loved giving it as a gift because it is unique and original and handmade!" Donette G

"Love this place!!  A unique gift for a one-of-a-kind baby.  Great quality."  Windy C

I received a personalized hippo minkle for a baby shower gift.  It brought tears to my eyes seeing my daughters name on such a cute snugly heartfelt creation.  It was by far my favorite "new baby" gift.  The pictures just don't do them justice!!  And best of all, my daughter LOVES IT!  This will be my go to baby gift from now on.  They are fantastic!!"  Colleen T.

I can't wait to give my son his custom minkle for Easter!  I contacted Spitties4Kiddies and explained what I was looking for, and Heidi got back to me right away and found the material in less than 24 hours.  The minkle was ready in a few days!  When she posted a pic it was cuter than I had ever imagined!  Heidi is very talented, I will be ordering from her again!  Thanks again Heidi!"  Katie T

I have now bought 5 minkles!  Some for my kiddos and baby gifts!  They are wonderful and my kids seen to really enjoy them!!!  They are well made and cute as a button!!  I would highly recommend them to anyone with little ones!"  Amanda D

"I just had to buy two minkles.  My daughter received her minkle about a week ago and my son would not give itup, so I had to buy him one.  Extremely fast shipping and quality work.  We have a Spitties4Kiddies song!  Thank you."  Emily S

"Over the moon happy with my custom Lamb Minkle!!  I spotted a certain fabric in her albums and she was able to use it for my order and it is PERFECT!  It is so soft and I love the ribbon loops for relaxing busy hands.  My daugther is growing fond of it and I pray she falls in love with it and drags it around all over because it is SO adorable.  It is something I hope she will see as a lovie when is is older and cherish.  Will definintely order for all of my future babies!  Heid was great to work with as well!"  Jessie B

"We love love love our minkles!!!  My son now has 4, just got one for my niece and can't believe how cute it is!!  They really are so super cute, unique, and the added personalization just makes these perfect!!!  Thank you Spitties4Kiddies for making the most adorable baby minkles!!!!"  Amy M.


Our patients love the spitties! They are a perfect size and the colors are great. Our patients are always excited to choose from our assortment. It is really nice to be able to give something useful to our new moms.” – Mountain View Family Medicine, Inc.

“I gave T-shirts to my new moms for years. I was thrilled when I was introduced to these “Spitties!” A fun, practical gift that my new moms really appreciate.  I can’t think of one good reason why any doctor wouldn’t want to switch to giving “Spitties,” or at least add them to a current gift-basket.” – Bradley Burton, MD

I love the spit-up rags! They are the right size and big enough to clean up any disaster. And they come in the cutest fabrics that match everything.” Jen–California

I use these spit-up rags more than any other ones I’ve been given. They are so cute, just the right material to soak it all up, and I love showing them off in public, and they are just the right shape to throw over your shoulder at just the moment you need it.” Kimberly–Idaho


These spit-up rags are just the cutest…from the adorable patterns to the fancy edges! They are an excellent gift for yourself or for others. I love them!” Tracy–Idaho

I love the size of the spit-up rags. It can absorb lots of spit-up and it’s bigger size helps protect me. I’ve received many comments on the decorative stitching – some of them are quite fancy. And actually when I haven’t had a changing pad handy, I’ve used a spit-up rag, because that’s something that’s pretty much attached to the baby for the first several months.” Pyper–Utah

I love the burp cloths. They are so unique and fashionable. They work way better than the ones that you buy in the store and are much cuter. You can never have too many. They make great gifts too.” Julie–Missouri